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  • Mothers : Halal for all!
    HALAL* market is a goldmine ! Halal could be seen as a topical issue in the West. Conferences and trade shows and fairs specialized in the Halal had increased this last years. With over 1.5 billion Muslim consumers worldwide, this thriving market has appealed to both manufacturers and consumers. However, no control is clearly establi
  • Mothers : Baby Food
    Baby eats often Baby food Baby eats often... but what should we give him to eat? When should we help him discover new tastes, new flavours? without forgetting the risk of allergies... our advice... From birth your baby is bottle-fed or breast-fed. This milk will bring him all the nutritional elements essential for his development:
  • Mothers : The importance of iron in baby's food
    The importance of iron It is important that the newborn child absorbs some iron through maternal milk or milky preparations. This mineral is by itself essential for the healthy growth of the babies, in particular in the development of their brain. An iron deficiency can provoke some ferriprive anaemia, a serious illness which can pull a reductio